[DC Comics, 6.7]

Dan Faust:
I feel like I should like this book more than I am. Let me explain: I love the characters. I love the concept. I love Gail Simone’s writing. But, despite looking forward to this book every month, something about this first arc just isn’t clicking with me. Admittedly, I’m having a similar problem with a few relaunches, so your mileage may vary. There are four subplots in this issue and, while I loved watching Huntress and Zinda kick ass and Oracle giving Savant and Creote a tour of her new base of operations (in KORD TOWER!!!!), I was less interested in the whole White Canary plot and whatever the hell was going on with Hawk and Dove. I know there are a lot of housekeeping chores that these first few issues need to take care of, so I’m more than willing to stick around for the foreseeable future. (7/10)

Caroline Pruett:
Gail Simone does typically great work with these characters that she knows like no one else. There are great moments for Oracle, Huntress, and particularly Black Canary. There’s a bit too much expositing and thought-captioning for my taste, plus there’s a clear break in art style — neither penciller is all that great — and the colors are weirdly shiny. Though at least it’s not Ed Benes. (7/10)

Jeff Stolarcyk:
It’s strange – Gail Simone is one of my favorite writers in comics, the Birds are one of my favorite teams and Oracle and Huntress are maybe two of my favorite DC characters. This is a book that should be wowing me in its sleep – but it’s not wowing me right now. It’s competent enough, and the new lair being at the top of Kord Tower warmed my curmudgeony heart a bit, but I’m not in love with this volume of the book or this issue in particular. The issue’s consistency suffers from the Brightest Day tie-in that’s dutifully wedged in between the other plots. (6/10)