[DC Comics, 9.0]

Jason Urbanciz:
The elevator-pitch for this title is, “Imagine Indiana Jones, but as a bastard. Specifically, Lex Luthor. Also: brain eating telepathic gorillas.” If that appeals to you, enjoy. If that doesn’t, what the heck is wrong with you? Paul Cornell is doing great work on this book; Sean Chen steps in to guest for Pete Woods on art and does a good job, but I’ll be glad when Woods returns. The Jimmy Olsen back-up is just great, crazy in all the right ways a Jimmy Olsen story should be. My only disappointment is that it’s not its own book.

Chris Walsh:
Lu-thor! I’ve been loving this storyline. I am a die-hard Cornell fan from the Captain Britain series, so that I’m enjoying watching him play in the DCU is no surprise. Lex continues to be a fascinating protagonist (obviously not a hero, or even an anti-hero), and I’m glad there’s no sign of Cornell trying to be too sympathetic to him, or show him as just misunderstood deep-down or something. Cause he’s just evil. No room for Secret Six style shades of grey for Lex Luthor. Now, as much as I’ve liked this series so far, and still enjoyed this issue, I did find the Grodd elements a bit of a let-down. I was hoping for more a showdown between them (which, okay, may come in the next issue), and I felt that Grodd was perhaps played a little too silly. I mean, even if Lex slipping him a grey-matter acid-trip made him act odd, why would Grodd even HAVE a giant spoon? Anyway, the giant talking ape acting out of character aside (cough), I still enjoyed the issue a lot, and look forward to Lex’s dance with Death. As for the Jimmy Olsen back-up, I need a whole separate review to talk about how much fun that was.

Dan Faust:
I can’t remember the last time I read an issue of Action Comics (I think it might have been back when Superman was made of blue electricity), so you’d think I’d have a terrible time just jumping in to a random issue. Not the case. Sure, there was a lot of stuff going on that I didn’t understand, but that didn’t take away from an entertaining tale of a battle of wits between Lex Luthor and Gorilla Grodd. Paul Cornell throws everything from androids to giant spoons at you and does so with (what I assume is) his usual, slightly “off” sense of humor. The reason I picked up this issue of Action Comics was for the Jimmy Olsen back-up story introducing Chloe Sullivan (my favorite character on Smallville) to the DCU, and all I can say is this: Jimmy Olsen is the Doctor.

Jeff Stolarcyk: