[Dark Horse Comics, 5.0]

Dan Faust:
I have no idea what the hell is going on. The reason I liked watching Buffy instead of Angel was that the former was more grounded, more street-level. Now we have the Season 8 comic and the creators have taken their “unlimited budget” and gone completely insane. The earlier issues were great and then giant gods and naked flying vampires started showing up…now I’m completely lost.

Chris Walsh:
As with any real TV season, as things approach the conclusion, it all gets very, very interesting. I rejoined this title midway through the “Twilight” arc, and have been enjoying it. This issue seems to really ramp up the old-school Buffy love, with the reappearance of Spike and the interactions between him and Buffy. The key plot seed (heh) laid out in this issue was very interesting — not for its macguffin-like properties, but for the potential effects it could have on the characters and the Buffy-verse. The information given to Willow revealed an extra dimension of risk for the Scoobies that has gotten me even more interested in the journey to the season’s end. No doubt season 8 will end with some kind of status quo reset (either total or just mostly), but with these characters and their interaction, it’s about what happens to them as they get there. Also, I’ve got to say I still enjoy super-Buffy a lot (BAM). Oh, and that was a fascinating final page reveal too.

Jeff Stolarcyk:
The incessant jokesterism and sexual tension almost keep me from realizing that I have no idea what in blue fuck is going on in this book in a cosmological sense. Among this issue’s varied WTF moments Spike has a space-bug Tardis (well, this one’s a holdover from the previous issue) and a long-dead character is implausibly back without so much as a reaction from anyone. Who cares? If you’re reading it, you know you aren’t going to drop it so close to the end, right?