[DC Comics, 8.25]

Jeffery Simpson:
I’ll admit that I’ve only been popping in and out of this series, generally picking it up in trades, so the last thing I remember was that they were in the wild west for some reason. I was never quite sure what triggered their “Specter of the Gun” adventure, but now that’s behind them and it’s full speed ahead with a fracture in the relationship between Bane and Scandal Savage which up until recently had been one of the strongest in the book. As always Gail Simone is the authority on this set of characters, and quite clearly loves them.

Angela Paman:
“Supervillains” in a Survivor like island. What can possibly go wrong? Maybe one should not just jump in the water for the fun of it.

Chris Walsh:
I know that, in general, reviews by anyone but the most dedicated professionals are full of biases and our declarations are based entirely on personal taste, but I feel that I have to start off with this: I love this comic. I want to read alternate reality spin-offs with these characters: Blake and Lawton in a buddy story; a title where Scandal and Bane have to live in the witness protection program as father and daughter; anything with Ragdoll as creepy comic relief…ahem. Anyway, this issue continues to keep me happy, even if the plot seems a bit muddy right now. I know a common problem with comic fans is that we often want answers as soon as questions are raised, rather than giving things time to play out, but I’m having a really hard time figuring out how the USA annexing Skartaris helps prevent a nuclear attack. And yet, I don’t much care. As is usually the case, Simone does her thing with the cast, and even if I’m scratching my head about the whys, I’m delighted by the hows. Deadshot’s banter, Ragdoll’s weirdness, Blake’s insane, Batman-like prowess (though more on the insane side these days). The ending is a bit of a potential downer, but not really a shock — as soon as I saw a mention by Simone along the lines of “Don’t hate me for the last page!” I thought immediately of the two characters involved. Hopefully it’s a typical comic book situation, and not a definite conclusion…I would miss that character a lot in this title.

Jeff Stolarcyk:
Gail Simone takes her usual brand of fun, laugh-riot mindfuckery on the road to Skartaris and, like every other insane idea in Secret Six, it’s executed entertainingly. J. Calafiore is starting to really live up to the promise that he’s hinted at in his prior DC gigs. The bravest thing this book can do is have that final page NOT be a fake-out. It might, possibly, also be the best thing –- it’s rare when those two creative instincts converge so neatly.