Chris Walsh:
I was really confused by the storyline as I started reading this issue, only to realize (once I dug through my stack of comics for the last two months) that I had somehow missed the previous issue…I kept reading though, and even without the background on the current goings-on, I was intrigued, and now I’ve got to do my best to find that missing issue somewhere and get myself properly up to speed for the next issue. It’s a testament to this title, Snyder’s writing, and the characters he and King came up with, that even an issue I don’t really understand keeps me wanting more.

Jeff Stolarcyk:
This book starts to tease out some elements of the larger world beyond Pearl’s and Skinner’s individual and intersecting stories. Snyder’s scripting is tight; Albuquerque’s severe line work has a violent dynamism that is just the thing for this stark vampire western.