[DC Comics, 6.0]

Jason Urbanciz:
Pretty much an issue-long fight scene here between half of our intrepid League and the Max Lord-mind-controlled Metal Men, while the other half uses them as cover to make some discoveries. While this issue offers some character building (especially for Ice, and to a lesser extent, Captain Atom), this is the type of thing that a bi-weekly series like this can get away with since it allows the momentum to keep going till the next issue without offering too much story. Anyway, good stuff here and it’s enough to keep me wanting more.

Jeff Stolarcyk:
Total filler, but it’s fun total filler. JLI vs. mindwashed larping Metal Men? I’ll read that. Maybe my least favorite issue of the series to date, but still above average and part of a promising whole.

Angela Paman:
Maybe it’s the fact that I don’t exactly like the Metal Men or that I really loved strolling down memory lane to see Checkmate in past issues but I was not exactly amused with this issue. They all come together and form a Voltron reject called Alloy. Really? Alloy? I was loving this Judd Winick writing until I saw that. Not even the Aaron Lopresti art, as beautiful as it is, kept my attention. We’ll see what happens the issue but i’m this close to dropping it.

Jeffery Simpson:
I don’t have the fond memories of the slapstick Justice League International that some of you may have. I didn’t read the JLI when it was coming out, and having revisited it in trades I’ve never been able to get into it, largely because I’ve never liked the humour. Thus when I say that this book is one of the best that DC is putting out it’s not because my eyes are misting over with nostalgia, it’s because it’s honestly a great book. Here they take on the Metal Men, another DC concept I have no pent up love for, and it all works. The book continues to be exciting, driving forward with momentum that’s hard to find in DC books. If only the regular Justice League title was half this good.