[Top Cow, 6.3]

Jeffery Simpson:
A lab tech. A mystery. Science gone wrong. Forever has all the makings of being a really good comic, and the first issue was enough to get me interested in picking up the second. If the second is ever made. The trouble with Pilot Season is that it’s hard to get invested in a the first chapter of a story when you’re well aware that you may never get to read chapter two. Chatper one was great; now they just need to write the rest of the story.

Jason Urbanciz:
This book, while not bad, it about as by-the-numbers as you can get. Ryan Chambers works for the Longevity Corporation that is currently testing a process that drastically halts, and even reverses, the aging process. Late one night, Ryan is kidnapped by some mysterious strangers and forced to face the terrible secret of the Longevity treatment. Thomas Nachlik’s moody art is very nice, reminiscent of Paul Azaceta’s work on BOOM!’s Talent (a similarly conspiracy-minded title that is far superior to this one). More than that, I just can’t get worked up either way by this book; from the first page I saw everything coming and though well-written by Brad Inglesby, it’s far from original.

Matt Springer:
I very much like the idea of Pilot Season; I appreciate that there’s a fairly big-name publisher willing to throw a huge stack of ideas at the buying public just to see what sticks. I don’t know if this is the best execution on the potential of Pilot Season, however. The logo reminds me a little of Lost, which I have to think is intentional, and the story brings up far more questions than it answers, a bit of a cheap trick when it’s not exactly clear we will ever actually see more of the story. The art has a strange distanced quality to it; I felt like I was constantly squinting to make out what was happening. I’m curious to see where this story would go; the hook is good. I just wish I had more to digest after this appetizer.

(A copy of Pilot Season: Forever was provided for review)