[Oni Press, 8.0]

Scott Cederlund:
Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt’s Becky Montcrief is a character who shouldn’t belong in the world of The Sixth Gun but finds herself an integral part of it. Bunn and Hurtt have her ask the questions that we want to; what are the six guns? Is Drake Sinclair a good or a bad man? How did her step father end up with one of the mystical guns? Part ghost story, part western, The Sixth Gun #5 continues to create a world where ghosts are as dangerous as guns and where no one is innocent as they may want to be.

Jason Urbanciz:
The plot gets considerably thicker this issue, as the party comes upon The Maw, a Confederate prison where General Hume dumped the worst of his enemies. Since the end of the war, some of them chose to stay, digging for Hume’s treasure below. The only way to open the vault is the demonic guns carried by Hume and also our heroes, only the treasure buried there may not be anything anybody wants. I really do think this is one of the best books on the stands right now. Even though this issue is mostly infodump, it does it well, deepening the mythology of the series and giving a lot of character development to our heroes and even General Hume himself. Can’t wait for more.

Matt Springer:
I love the goulash of western and supernatural horror that Bunn and Hurtt have cooked up here, and I love the way every issue is built around a key set piece, this time a chaotic attack by a gigantic griffin that tears through protagonists and antagonists alike. What I really want to see is more space given to the action and visuals. I wish every issue had about twice as many full-page panels and the occasional double-page spread; Hurtt’s pencils really sing.