[Marvel Comics, 9.0]

Chris Walsh:
The actual kick-off to the much-preluded “Spider Island” event has arrived. As always, I enjoy Slott’s take on Peter and the parts of the story where he reacts to Carlie’s openness about her new powers are great — even with a great new job and other things going well for him, nothing ever quite goes smoothly for him. On art, Ramos, of course, does amazing work here as well. His ability to convey action and movement, along with his willingness/ability to draw people with different looks and body-types, make him perfect for the huge crowds involved in these big action scenes. On a minor note, I have to say too that I like the little bit of continuity between this issue and the Cloak and Dagger special — nicely connected but still allowing the main plot lines of the two books to be independent. Finally, best line of the book (amongst a lot of good ones): “So that’s what that feels like.”

Jeffery Simpson:
The past few months it’s felt like Amazing Spider-Man has been running in place as Dan Slott’s lined up the elements for his “Spider Island” story.  The book lost all the momentum (and fun) that it had gained following the Peter-MJ magical un-married mess, and was starting to stagnate. It was on the chopping block for me, but with a really fun first issue “Spider Island” looks like it’ll be regaining some of that energy that the book lost. Humberto Ramos’ art helps here, bringing a great deal of kinetic motion to a book where almost all the characters now are leaping about like Spider-Man. I doubt I’ll read the tie-ins, but Slott’s keeping me on Amazing Spider-Man for a few awhile now.

Jeff Stolarcyk:
Spider-Powered Carlie Cooper is a joy to read. She is the anti Spider-Man in just as many ways as the new Hobgoblin is – she’s open and honest with the people in her life, she revels in her new abilities, and her impulse is to immediately use them to do good without any motivating tragedy. She is a Spider-Man that doesn’t wear her dead uncle around her neck like an albatross. That contrast alone might make “Spider Island” worth your time.