[DC Comics]

Jason Urbanciz:

This book is a treasure, while I should be upset that it’s gone after only 6 issues, that it existed at all more than makes up for that. Flying skull islands, the Sisterhood of Blood Mummies, Dental Phantoms, this book cycles through enough rich concepts in two pages to occupy a lesser series for 12 issues. But the series would be nothing if it didn’t have such a fully realized character at its core. David Kim, the xombi, functionally immortal and still dealing with that knowledge, and the knowledge that the world is a much more fantastical, and dangerous, place. But he holds onto his humanity and it pulls him through, especially in this story, trying to save a dying city from a madman obsessed with living forever and ready to kill everything to attain that goal. John Rozum and Frazer Irving (about whose beautiful artwork, not enough can be said) are to be commended for such a book, and I hope more come to find it in the future.