[Marvel Comics, 8.5]

Jeff Stolarcyk:
The Age of Apocalypse was the storyline that reinvigorated my love of comics in the 90s, so I will always be inclined to react favorably to it. I am also an inveterate Wolverine/Jean Grey ‘shipper. This issue features both of those things prominently. Rick Remender continues to make this a stellar X-book, even with some inconsistent art (Scott Eaton  fills in on a few pages for Mark Brooks and they sometimes don’t gel visually). A great end for the first half of “The Dark Angel Saga” and a shockingly deep Wolverine story.

Chris Walsh:
I’ve been really liking Uncanny X-Force, and I did ike this issue too, but I’ve gotta say that these issues pulling in all the Age of Apocalypse stuff have been a rough for me as  fairly new reader the the X-books. I often don’t know who characters really are or why they’re acting in certain ways. However, I will say that although this seems like kind of a fan-service storyline, Remender still manages to include just enough info and write dialogue that at least lets a newbie like me empathize with the characters, even if I don’t fully understand them. Gotta say though, I would’ve thought that a Jean Grey who’s in full-on Phoenix Force mode could take smack to the jaw, even from a cyborg arm gun.

Jeffery Simpson:
Recently I tried to re-read the Age of Apocalypse which was a mistake.  A comic even that I remembered with fondness from my youth has since transformed into a drudgery of bad art choices and disjointed storytelling.  Thus when Uncanny X-Force kept focusing on Apocalypse, and then even decided to go to the parallel earth where the ’90s crossover was set I thought for sure I’d be jumping off the title.  This though is good, not good but great.  It’s a fun story with Wolverine facing down an evil version of himself, as all the while Warren Worthington builds his army and prepares for our heroes return.