[Image Comics]

Chris Walsh:
Man, I love this title so much. Layman does such a great job balancing the humor, the weird ideas like all the food-based powers, the genuine human moments, and now even getting into the full-on sci-fi touches like other worlds. And of course, Guillory’s art is just as important, since he’s the one putting almost all of those elements out here for us to take in; so much of what goes on in this book is told visually. Even when there is required narration or dialogue, it’s often the art that ads a lot of nuance. I guess that’s sort of how comics are supposed to work, though I do find that the art more often tends to express action more than any other aspect of the story, leaving finer details to the words. I mean, just look at Mason in that last panel. Fantastic. The storyline of the series is really moving along as well, what with the aforementioned alien worlds and all. If I had one critique, it’s that the plot of the series has meandered around a lot (and this isn’t even real a complaint, because I’ve still enjoyed every issue). But suddenly with Mason and Tony’s daughter, I’m seeing that some threads are possibly coming together, so maybe a few months or a year from now a lot of those plotlines that seemed random with be connecting together. Although, again, I’m pretty much delighted with this series at every turn, so I’m not too concerned about complex, interconnecting plot points if this book simply keeps being as great and unique as it has been.